Friday, December 21, 2007

Do Covers Matter?

When I went out to search for the cover for my most recent read, I found all sorts of covers including the ones I've posted but none of them match the paperback I have in my hand. Since I bought it in Canada, I tried searching there and in the United Kingdom as well with no luck.

I will confess right here that I choose a book by its cover. Years I ago, I was in a small bookstore in an old house on the main street of Cederburg, Wisconsin. It was a picture perfect winter evening with twinkling lights and snow. Walking into the bookstore, no matter where you looked, there were beautiful books. Some of this may have been the skill of the bookseller but I have never forgotten that store nor the books I purchased that evening.

That's not to say that I neglect books with less than fortunate covers. I will read anything; but when I am choosing, I am going to look at the cover and read about the book before I make a committment.

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