Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Thing to Fall

I've been reading reviews of Laura Lippman's books since her first title Baltimore Blues (1997) but never one of the books themselves. Another Thing to Fall is number 15 in the mostly Tess Monaghan series and will be available next month. You can check out the individual titles at the author's official website. Her 2007 release What the Dead Know is the first of her books to make the New York Times bestseller list.

In Another Thing to Fall, Hollywood heads to the east coast to film a pilot for what could turn out to be a lucrative long term series for the city of Baltimore. Although Mann of Steel stars an almost has-been hero, it also has a hot young starlet who is getting lots of attention, but problems on the set could sink the project. Everyone seems to have something to hide. When Tess wanders onto a set disrupting shooting, she ends up being hired to keep an eye on Selene Waites, the Britney-like actress.

Just to make things more interesting, Ms. Lippman is married to David Simon, who is Executive Producer of the HBO series The Wire, which was filmed in Baltimore.

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