Friday, January 9, 2009

Blindness (1997)

Blindness, originally published in Portuguese in 1995, was translated into English in 1997. Saramago's body of work apparently has some similar styles and themes. For example, he uses little or no punctuation to delineate dialogue in incrediby long and intricate passages. He avoids proper nouns and refers to characteristics to identify people. While this might seem to be a difficulty, his precise writing carries the reader along. There are times when confusion causes the re-reading of certain sections but this is could be viewed as drawing the reader in to the the uncertainty the characters are experiencing.

Author Jose Saramago won the Pulitzer Prize in Literature for his body of work in 1998.

Unfortunately this book was made into a movie.

In an unnamed city, the citizens inexplicably begin to go blind with the infliction spreading by contact with an infected person. The author has imagined both external and internal upheaval and how it would affect civilization through a group of people led by the one woman who retains her vision.

The pictures he draws with words are not easy and they will haunt you and perhaps change how you look at the world around you.

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