Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Certain Justice (1997)

P.D. James is a favorite mystery writer so when I saw this title at a recent library book sale, I picked it up. As soon as I started reading, there was something naggingly familiar about the story. I even went through my journals in an attempt to find a record of it. I couldn't find anything. However, I know I read the book before. Luckily, I had forgotten enough to enjoy reading it again. (Apparently I am not the only person known to do this. Right, Kathy?)

A Certain Justice, according to Wikipedia, is 10 out of a list of 14 mysteries featuring Adam Dalgliesh. Venetia Aldridge, a distinguished criminal lawyer is defending Garry Ashe on charges of having brutally killed his aunt. Set in the closed world of the British legal world, the story takes a number of twists and turns and has a very satisfactory ending. This is an accessible and literate read.

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