Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Black Cat (2010)

Right in the middle of everything else I was reading and doing, the library called to let me know that my name had come up on the list for Martha Grimes's most recent Richard Jury mystery, The Black Cat. What could I do? I put everything else aside and read the book in just a couple of days.

What I have always loved about the Richard Jury mysteries is the cast of surrounding characters whose roles can change from plot to plot. Introduced in The Old Wine Shades, Harry Johnson and Mungo are back. I don't think there is a single title that doesn't feature intelligent and precocious children in some way. Some might be thrown off by the involvement of the animals but it is something you come to expect with the stories and learn to enjoy.

Three young women, who work for three escort services, are murdered. Where's the link? Is it the designer shoes? And what happened to the cat? A fine summer read.

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