Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sarah Paretsky Coming to Jackson!

Mystery writer Sara Paretsky will keynote the Jackson District Library's Word Wise 2011 on May 13 & 14. I'm marking that on my calendar NOW!

I've told this story before.

Many, many years ago, I first heard Sarah Paretsky talk at a session of the Michigan Library Association. My friends and I got there late and were forced to take a seat in the front row right in front of Ms. Paretsky. It was wonderful and I totally fell in love with her as much as I had learned to love her stories about V.I Warshawski!

Not too many months later I was at the American Library Association Conference in Chicago, Illinois and saw that Ms. Paretsky was speaking again. I got there early and this time found myself a seat in the front on purpose! I think she must have recognized several people in the audience because the first thing she said was something to the effect, "If you heard my talk in Michigan, this is going to be basically the same talk." Nobody left.

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