Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ray Marshall's Paper Blossoms.

Spring Bouquet
One of my clever and talented daughters (I have two!) often sends me flowers. The last live bunch came along with her husband who stayed with us while on a business trip to the area not too long ago. It became a joke because the flowers lasted a very long time including the two weeks we were traveling out West. Since their longevity delighted me, my daughter found a way to prolong a gift of flowers almost indefinitely. She discovered Ray Marshall's Paper Blossoms.

Currently the Spring arrangement is displayed on the coffee table in the living room but at a moment's notice, a new or more appropriate selection can be made. Thank goodness I don't have to water them!

Ray does more than create Paper Blossoms so you really should check out his website, which tells about his work and even includes several simple but lovely patterns for making your own cards. (Did I mention the part about the Pirates?)

Addendum: The other clever and talented daughter sent me Philadelphia Tastykakes absolutely confirming that both my children love their Mother and know how to make her HAPPY!

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