Monday, June 3, 2013

Addicted to Libraries

Caught in a used bookstore AGAIN
Today I stopped at my local library branch to pick up two books. I have been waiting impatiently for Beth Hoffman's Looking for Me and curious about Michael Hainey's After Visiting Friends.

The head librarian knows how to hand sell and I left with Beth Hoffman's earlier Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, which someone had just returned. As a matter of fact, the librarian and one of her staff members had just been discussing wanting to read Looking for Me before they even noticed it was sitting on the reserve shelf waiting for me!

Then because I am random and impulsive, I picked up two movies that I've been wanting to watch. Somewhere in Time, of course, is a re-watch but I missed Les Miserables when it was in movie theatres.

When am I going to have time for all this reading and watching? I think I better head to my comfy chair and get back to Bonnie Jo Campbell's Once Upon a River.

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