Tuesday, September 4, 2007

In This Rain by SJ Rozan

I discovered SJ Rozan through the Sisters in Crime organization, which promotes the reviewing of American women who write in the mystery genre. Ms. Rozan was conducting a panel for SIC in New York during an American Library Association Convention.

China Trade was the first in a series that alternately feature Lydia Chin and Bill Smith, unlikely partners in solving crime. I highly recommend them. Each book presents some aspect that will fascinate. In China Trade it was porcelain.

Ms. Rozan has written several books now that move away from the Chin/Smith titles. Absent Friends received wonderful reviews in 2005. It used the September 11th aftermath to create a haunting story set in a world that has changed forever.

In This Rain takes New York City and combines politics, real estate, and the struggle for power with greed, evil, and betrayal. I couldn't put it down.

Ms. Rozan is an architect and her attention to detail is telling. Her stories are well plotted but you have to pay attention to characters and what is happening. She demands your attention.

Visit her website to learn more. Click here.

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