Ann Holt is a random reader, preferring literate mysteries, the odd novel, and bestsellers in no particular order. Recently she has decided to focus on theatrical mysteries, plays, and books about theater.

She has indulged in blogging about the books she has read since 2007 at Book Keeping. That was the year she retired as the Director of the Capital Library Cooperative (Michigan), a state funded membership consortia of twenty-five public libraries.

During her career she worked in every type of library from school to prison from academic to special.

After studying acting at Carnegie Mellon University, Ann settled down and obtained degrees in Communications (University of Pittsburgh) and Information Science (University of Michigan),

Ann describes herself as an actress, director, reader, reviewer, genealogist, and time traveler. She lives on the Grand River in Michigan, where it is neither grand nor a river.

Contact Information

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Her email address is anncholt@gmail.com
December 2, 2012

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