Thursday, December 20, 2007

Catalogue of Death

If you've ever worked in a library and have an off-beat sense of humor, you will fall in love with librarian Helma Zukas. Some of the reviewers at don't get the joke and find the series flat. Jo Dereske knows libraries and the odd ways of some of the folks that choose to work there. I have read some of the other 10 titles in the series and in the Catalogue of Death, which was published in paperback this year (2007), and I am impressed with the quality of her storytelling.

A snowstorm unexpectedly hits Bellehaven, but the library must remain open! The snow will halt construction on the building site for the badly needed new library building generously offered by Franklin Harrington, a town father. After doing some research at the library, he heads out into the snow. Shortly thereafter an explosion is heard and the fun begins.

For those that love libraries, this is a cozy, undemanding mystery series. Index to Murder is coming in 2008!

Jo Dereske

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