Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Flurry of Reading in Retirement Begins

First there was The Lost Constitution by William Martin. Actually that was a fun read since I love conspiracy tales like DaVinci Code and Book of Fate. In this sprawling story, warring political factions are trying to obtain a rumored hand notated copy of the U.S. Constitution to help their side prove its right. Everyone hopes that the notes from the original framers will clarify present day entrenched debates.

Chapters alternated between the past and the present allowing the reader to follow how the two paths that converge by the end of the story. The protagonist is a rare book dealer who accepts requests to find historical documents.

My reservations about the book are the huge number of characters the reader had to follow and the amount of violence. The book was a page turner for me with enough historical information to please the genealogist in me.

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