Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Celestine Prophecy

Back in the 1990s, when I first read The Celestine Prophecy - An Adventure by James Redfield, I became fascinated with the idea that every person has a message for you if you choose to pay attention. I also liked the idea of synchronicity since those experiences do happen.

Celestine is also a mineral. I discovered that right after reading the book. We were on vacation on South Bass Island and discovered that "the largest known celestine geode is located near the village of Put-in-Bay, Ohio on South Bass Island in Lake Erie." It is in a cave that happened to be closed so I spent months until I found a sample I could buy in a rock hound shop in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It is sitting on my desk.

This time I pretty much skimmed the book since the story isn't that well developed even though it is called a novel. The author claims he was actually writing a parable so he could share the principals. I noticed The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes seemed to share a lot of the same ideas.

There is an entire industry that has grown up around this new age book including a movie. Take a look at the author's website if you are intrigued.

Read about the nine insights and other information about The Celestine Prophecy at Wikipedia.

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