Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Delusion - A Novel of Suspense

Peter Abrahams has written eighteen novels. Somehow I never have read him before I read Nerve Damage in 2007. That story was compelling and when I saw a new title I grabbed it. Apparently I am a pushover for suspense thrillers from good writers. Abrahams makes a story hard to put down. His characters are interesting and the reader just HAS to know what is going to happen next.

Delusion starts with the character Pirate in his prison cell. Abraham gets inside his mind and presents a pretty unsettling picture of someone who may or may not be capable of murder. New evidence, surfacing after a hurricane twenty years after his conviction, may allow Alvin DuPree to become a free man.

Scenes move back and forth between DuPree's plight and the seemingly perfect marriage of Nell and Clay. Nell turns out to have identified DuPree as the man who murdered her boyfriend during a botched robbery. Clay was the Detective on the case. He later married Nell and is now the Police Chief. More and more details and connections begin to emerge forcing the characters together. The conclusion, a real roller coaster ride, may find you holding your breath and praying the characters find out what you the reader know so they can save themselves.

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