Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nomad Bookstore Closes

The time has come to say goodbye.
Dear Ann,
In recent weeks, it has become apparent to my husband and me that we can no longer continue the operation of Nomad. We have decided this week to close our doors effective Thursday. This decision has come out of both family constraints and concerns as well as a safeguard against economic limitations that continue to mount.
We will be holding a final 5 day sell off of everything under our roof beginning September 30th and running through October 4th. The sale will include, of course, all books as well as furniture, shelving, coffee bar equipment, children's play area items and decor. We still have many great, new things to offer in these final days and invite you to join us - if only to simply stop in and say farewell. The building is for sale and/or lease. If interested, contact Rich at 517-937-8448.
We will be closed for regular business to the public as of September 25th to prepare for the sale. We will reopen September 30th with store hours 10-8 pm all week with the final sale day from 10-5 on Saturday October 4th.


Sept 30th: 10% off
Oct 1st: 20% off
Oct 2nd: 30%off
Oct 3rd: 40% off
Oct 4th: 50% off
*We'll be open 10-8 pm on these weekdays and then 10-5 pm on Saturday, October 4.

Lastly, thank YOU for this journey. I have enjoyed meeting you and seeing our community in a new light. I will sincerely miss the everyday customers, staff and culture that brought life into our building. YOU have made all the difference!

If I have learned anything from you in these 3+ years, it has been that we have to look to our own businesses first in order to grow our communities. I urge you to double your commitment to independent stores like Best Books [and downtown businesses] to ensure that Jackson stays unique and generates more from within Michigan. Now, more than ever!! I wish you all the best in the waters ahead and thank you for being part of this Nomad community.

Bridget at Nomad

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  1. Oh, I am so sad. I didn't get home in time to support Nomad.