Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Book Exchange

My friend Kathy came back to town today as promised and challenged me to meet her at the Book Exchange in downtown Jackson (Michigan). I quickly suited up and was out the door. How could I have missed this HUGE used bookstore that is steps from the Jackson Coffee Company and what used to be the Nomad Book House?

A really nice gentleman held the door for me as he was on the way out. He turned out to be Kathy's husband, who was giving her extra time to find treasure while he and their daughter relaxed at the Jackson Coffee Company.

What an awesome place! It goes on and on. Just when you think you may have seen every room, you turn a corner and find MORE. There are over 60,000 organized magazines, books on tape, cassettes, DVDs, videos, and BOOKS. The store is clean and spacious. The staff is friendly and so are the customers.

Visit the website, which includes hours, pricing information, testimonials from happy book lovers and even a video tour.

Prices are reasonable even without book credits, which you can acquire by bringing in items to exchange. I know where I will be taking the mysteries I bought at Jackson District Library's Eastern Branch book sale last month when I am finished reading them.

On today's trip I picked up a copy of Barbara Vine's (AKA Ruth Rendell) The Minotaur, which turned out to have been donated by Kathy and dated 7/18/07. How did I manage to pick that up out of all those books? I also finally got a copy of Bel Canto (Ann Patchett) and Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America (Barbara Ehrenreich), which seemed scarily appropriate. I'm really excited about the cassette tape of 80s Hits but my triumph of the day was Sir Thomas Beecham conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance of Handel's Messiah (1959). I popped the first CD into the car player on the way home and sang along with 'And the Glory of the Lord", which we sang at last week's concert.

Introducing me to The Book Exchange was Kathy's present to me. I can't think of anything better. Thanks, Kathy!

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