Friday, January 16, 2009

Book Journals

I have been keeping track of what I read since November 10, 1986 (over 21 years!) when my friend Ann Marie gave me a journal as a gift. It was called The Cat Notebook and was illustrated with felines throughout. The last entry was October 30, 1994.

My next journal was chosen by me and is fabric covered with a small print that reminds me of a guest room I frequently slept in as a child. Begun in November of 1994, it ends in October of 2005. In it, especially, I commented on other events in my world from time to time.

My third and current journal has room for three more titles. I purchased it in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in a charming bookstore when I was on vacation with my daughter Lynn. The book is called Books I've Read: A Reader's Journal, which has specific places to list the author and date published and such and asks how you felt when you finished the books, who you would recommend it to and so on. I've enjoyed having it to guide me.

However, I realized looking back at the earlier journals that the information I wrote down when I was not prompted to answer certain questions was far more interesting and entertaining. I am looking forward to choosing a new journal with blank pages or nothing more than lines to guide my writing!

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