Monday, January 12, 2009

The Minotaur *(2005)

Barbara Vine (AKA Ruth Rendell) never disappoints. This is one of the titles I picked up at the Book Exchange recently when I met with Kathy Krentz. Out of 60,000 items I chose one that she had traded in several years earlier!

Through a friend, Kristin Kvist finds a position as a nurse at Lydstep Old Hall near a small English village. Her patient is a grown man who has been deemed schizophrenic. His sisters and Mother keep him heavily sedated and Kristin begins to suspect that there are secrets to be discovered. Her first puzzle is to find the labyrinth mentioned by her friend.

Even if you suspect the twists and turns the story is going to take, you will still find this a clever read to get lost in.

*In Greek mythology the minotaur is a half man/half bull creature that lived in a labyrinth.

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