Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The House on Fortune Street (2008)

The House on Fortune Street: A Novel The House on Fortune Street: A Novel by Margot Livesey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
"Everyone has a book or a writer who's the key to their life". Keats, Lewis Carroll, Jane Eyre and Great Expectations each have a subtle influence on one of the four sections through which this novel is told (Dara, Sean, Cameron, and Abigail).

The reader gets to reconstruct and ponder how luck and chance drive life stories. Is truth freeing or does it destroy? A reviewer pointed out that none of the houses in the book including the house on Fortune Street are safe in a way needed by the characters that inhabit them.

Beautifully written, Margot Livesey explores the interweaving of the lives of friends, lovers and family that leaves you pondering your own relationships with those you love.

Here is another of the best ten books of 2008 as determined by the staff at Entertainment Weekly. I have not be disappointed with the choices.

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