Friday, December 11, 2009

A Chill Rain in January (1990)

A Chill Rain in January (Crime, Penguin) A Chill Rain in January by L.R. Wright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
There are lots of times when I read a new author and that's as far as it goes. Then there are the 'discovered' authors where I seek out other titles.Canadian author L.R. Wright wrote the kind of mystery I really enjoy reading. This title is number three in a series which features Karl Alberg, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sergeant, and his on again off again love interest librarian Cassandra Mitchell.

Interesting stories, characters, and solutions make for a cozy read.

The Karl Alberg Mysteries

* The Suspect (1985)
* Sleep While I Sing (1986)
* A Chill Rain in January (1990)
* Fall From Grace (1991)
* Prized Possessions (1993)
* A Touch of Panic (1994)
* Mother Love (1995)
* Strangers Among Us (1996)
* Acts of Murder (1997)

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  1. Thanks! I am always in the market for another mystery series. I tried the one set in Paris featuring Aimee LeDuc but it simply did not capture my interest. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 2010! Heigh, ho.