Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have I Learned My Lesson?

Planning a 10 hour trip for Thanksgiving, I grabbed a couple of audio books at the local library. When will I ever learn? This is the second time I have given up on listening to a book read by the author. Actually I broke two rules. I chose a book that was not produced by Recorded Books.

Authors seem to modulate their voices in ways that make it impossible to hear clearly in a car with road noises. Recorded Books, with studios located in New York City, hires people with trained voices you can always hear and understand.

I have never been disappointed with the quality of Recorded Books, but this time I thought I would go with an interesting title. Bad decision.

Check out Recorded Books here.

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  1. The beauty of iPod for me is being able to screen the reader before I invest in the audiobook.