Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bury Your Dead (2010)

Any book where I feel the need to write down the author's words is special. This was my first Louise Penny mystery although there are five other titles listed in the front of the book. What amazes me is that it took me so long to discover her as a writer. Apparently, although she has garnered other awards, this year marks a highpoint. Both Amazon and Publishers Weekly have placed Bury Your Dead on top ten lists for 2010. It's certainly on mine!

Here is what I copied. "The four sentences that lead to wisdom: I'm sorry. I was wrong. I need help. I don't know." These are the guidelines that Chief Inspector Gamache learned from his mentor and attempts to share with those he leads.

A terrible event has taken place and Gamache has come to Quebec to recover from an investigation where mistakes were made that continue to haunt him.

In Bury Your Dead the city of Quebec is the major backdrop to the intertwining of several tales from the past and from the present. Penny handles them all beautifully. Her writing is wonderful as are her characters and descriptions of place. Even with the cold and snow, you want to be in this place with these people. (Her website has a selection of beautiful photographs of Quebec.)


  1. Thanks for the tip. I am so excited.

  2. News flash: It turns out that I uploaded one of her books to my Kindle a couple of weeks ago. There are three book club assignments standing between me and Louise at this point. Hyperventilating here.

  3. "The American Library Association has named Bury Your Dead the Best Mystery of 2010! Others on the shortlist are amazing - Tana French, Inge Ash Wolfe, John Verdon and William Kent Krueger. I'm overjoyed!" (posted by author Louise Penny on her Facebook page 1/11/11)