Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still Life (2006)

After being surprised with my discovery of Louise Penny's most recent Chief Inspector Gamache mystery, I went back to the beginning to read the rest of the series in order (as was recommended by a friend).

In Three Pines, a charming village south of Quebec City (which seems unlikely to be touched by crime) an elderly woman is found in the woods on Thanksgiving Sunday. Was her death an accident or will Gamache uncover a murderer?

These are the titles in the series: Still Life; A Fatal Grace/Dead Cold; The Cruelest Month; A Rule Against Murder/The Murder Stone; The Brutal Telling; and Bury Your Dead. Where there is a / slash, the title to the left is the one used in the US and the one to the right is used in the UK.

And Louise just posted the following good news on Facebook:

"Finished editing the next book - A TRICK OF THE LIGHT. Wanted to end 2010 by getting that done. Feels terrific. Quiet, but lovely evening. Hope you enjoy the last evening of the decade."

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