Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Say Her Name (2011)

Say Her NameSay Her Name by Francisco Goldman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the true, fictionalized, love story of Francisco Goldman and his wife Aura Estrada, who was half his age. Married less than two years, her life was cut tragically short in a swimming accident. What the author has done is brought his wife back to life in the only way he knew how.

Sometimes I didn't like Francisco. His fascination with younger women annoyed me and I could relate to some of the anger Aura's Mother must have felt at having this older man anchor her daughter's life. Aura was an ethereal, intelligent, talented, free spirit and an aspiring writer herself.

On the other hand, Francisco loved Aura obsessively and much of the book is self-indulgent in an uncomfortable way. The fact that he made himself so vulnerable by sharing such private grieving is brave. And he loved Aura with all his being. This is a difficult, painful book to read. You know right from the start that Aura has died and the facts of her death are carefully and exquisitely woven throughout the story to create the fabric of their lives together.
Aura and Francisco's Wedding 2007

"You were desperate for something that was yours alone. I was yours alone, but that isn't what you meant." SAY HER NAME by Francisco Goldman

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