Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jacobson's: I Miss it So!

For all of you who loved and shopped Jacobson's, here is good news. Jacobson's: I Miss It So!: The Story of a Michigan Fashion Institution is due out September 23, 2011. Author Bruce Allen Kopytek interviewed many staff who remember when there was no place better to be. 

"Join department store historian Bruce Allen Kopytek in this return to the elegance of Jacobson's, a beloved Michigan institution for well over one hundred years. Reenter the marvelous stores and meet the personalities who transformed Jacobson's from its humble Reed City origins to a staple of sophistication throughout the region and in Florida. The brainchild of a retail genius, this deluxe specialty store gave customers a peerless social, shopping and dining destination. Experience anew the refined beauty of its Williamsburg-style Grosse Pointe store, the chic designer world of its Birmingham ensemble or the charm and allure of its original Florida branch in Sarasota revealing along the way, secrets that made Jake's the dazzling store it was and why it remains so profoundly missed by anyone who entered through its solid wooden doors."


  1. Hello, Ann!

    Thank you for the notice about "Jacobson's: I miss it so!"

    I do hope you and your followers enjoy reading the fascinating history of this piece of Michigan history.

    Kind regards:

    Bruce Kopytek

  2. I've already pre-ordered my copy from Amazon, Bruce. Thanks for writing the history of an important part of many of our lives!