Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Books Make a Home

A friend just posted this book on Facebook and another friend commented, "There seems to be an awakening to the design potential of books!" (It's currently temporarily out of stock at Amazon if that conveys interest in the title.)

There's one very helpful customer review at Amazon, which explains that the book has suggestions for books room-by-room as well as "useful tips on caring for and cleaning books, how to store old and valuable books, and different methods of organizing books".

I recently arranged my books in the living room in a way more pleasing to the eye. Rather than have them all standing up like a library,  I stacked some on their side, which also serves as a book end. On the other hand, it really annoys me to see books used exclusively as decoration. My books get read and they aren't all pretty with expensive bindings. It really is what's inside that counts.

On the other hand, my local library has a copy on order so I put in my request for it when it arrives!

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