Monday, March 5, 2012

An Update on Things I Really Don't Want to Know

Today I was skimming the new AARP (Feb/Mar 2012) Magazine and was struck by how much was interesting to me considering that I'm not THAT old (whatever THAT means). Then I happened on the article on trends called 50 Going on 15 - Why the best new fiction for adults is written for teens.

I have often said that I think YA (Young Adult) Literature is better written and plotted. In general, the shorter the book, the more carefully it has to be crafted. Maybe the increase in readership for teen titles comes, at least in part, from my complaint of the other day. In this literature, explicit sex and overly descriptive violence gives way to the importance of the storytelling . "Sales of books for children, teens, and young adults rose by 12 percent from 2008 through 2010. (Sales of adult fiction, meanwhile, rose only 3.5 percent.)"

Although YA/teen lit will likely deal with problems of that age group and many have a science fiction vibe, this has never lessened my enjoyment. Think: Hunger Games series, for example, a great apocalyptic story.  What have you read?

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