Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mirror Image (2010)

Mirror ImageMirror Image by Dennis Palumbo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Years ago I discovered that I love thrillers and the better written and circuitously plotted, the faster I consume the story. I don't even attempt to solve the mystery. I'm just along for the ride and what a ride "Mirror Image" is! The last book I read, a memoir, took me a month; this book barely lasted three days!

Author Dennis Palumbo has come up with an angle that will keep me hooked. Besides being set in Pittsburgh, where I lived at one time, his narrator Dr. Daniel Rinaldi is a psychologist who consults with the Police on difficult cases. Surrounded by interesting characters who don't always behave normally, Dr. Rinaldi ends up in all kinds of trouble.

With great dialogue, fascinating characters, and sense of place, you won't have any trouble seeing this as a movie.

And although there is the requisite violence and sex, Palumbo knows when to back off and let the reader's imagination take over.

Luckily Palumbo has already followed up his debut title with a second Rinaldi tale called "Fever Dream". Find them. Read them. Then join me in awaiting the third installment.

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