Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wire to Wire (2011)

Wire to WireWire to Wire by Scott Sparling
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Scott Sparling's WIRE TO WIRE further clarified for me a couple of the things that draw me into a book. The first I've known for a long time. I crave surprise. It's here in spades. But I also have noticed lately that awareness of the beauty or specificity of language has become more important to me as well. Sparling's descriptions seem new, unique, and perfectly crafted.

"He came to rest against a 1981 Pontiac Grand Am, so new he could smell the General Motors plant outside Detroit." or "You could always count on the past to be there when you needed it, and even when you didn't. Especially then." or "When your belongings don't really belong to you, he thought, it's time to go."

Michael Slater's life changed the day he took a power line to the head while riding atop a railroad car. He survived but with altered perceptions of his world.  With MEMENTO-like flashbacks in time, we wander willingly into Michael Slater's sometimes horrific lifeline following him until we think we know the answer.

Intriguing, disturbing, and perfectly balanced, WIRE TO WIRE may change the way you look at the world and your place in it. Read it. 

WIRE TO WIRE was chosen as one of the 20 Michigan Notable Books  published in 2011. "The selections are reflective of Michigan's diverse ethnic, historical, literary, and cultural experience."

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