Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Icon Thief (2012)

The Icon ThiefThe Icon Thief by Alec Nevala-Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nothing is better than winning a book in a contest than winning a really good book in a contest! I scored when I was chosen to receive a copy of Alec Nevala-Lee's thriller The Icon Thief. Mostly I don't even bother to enter contests but 1) I love thrillers and 2) I love the Philadelphia Art Museum. Some people might not find those compelling reasons but as a 'random reader' they make me happy.

Nevala-Lee's first foray into fiction takes the thriller concept to a higher, more sophisticated level. And since I love 'literate' mysteries, it stands to reason that a 'literate' thriller is going to be a pleasure to read.

Set in the international art world, a controversial work by Marcel Duchamp is stolen and everyone from the Russian mafia to art galleries to secret societies seem to be interested. Betrayal and greed make it difficult to know who should be trusted.

I was often torn between turning another page and running off to the computer to do research.

Even worse than reaching the end of the book was the teaser chapter of his next book, City of Exiles, which is not coming out until December 2012!

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