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COLLAPSE: America Will Fall (2012)

Collapse (New America, #1)Collapse by Richard Stephenson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I thought it might be interesting to read something a little different this summer so when I was offered a free Kindle download of a first novel called COLLAPSE, I was in.

Ordinarily I don't read 'science fiction'. Once in a great while I will read something that is considered 'speculative fiction', but this is definitely 'science fiction'.

First time author Richard Stephenson is right on target exploiting our fears of natural disasters, ruthless politicians, and out-of-control foreign countries in 2027. Much of his story sounds plausible today.

Coming from a military and law enforcement career, the author delivers a lot of interesting detail about those fields. The heroes are men: a crippled, burned out Chief of Police, an ex-Navy Seal now an escaped convict, and the world's richest man. Ultimately it will be up to them to save their beloved country from collapse.

Since the book brings together three different stories, the author feels compelled to restate the basics where each strand takes up again in a way that hits the reader over the head.

A good editor could pull this book together for a wider audience. Right now, there is too much of the 'deus ex machina' for my taste.  It would make a great adventure movie with opportunities for wonderful special effects.

The only sex scene occurs near the end of the book and is a bit detailed and out of place for the genre.

BOTTOM LINE: If you like Tom Clancy and manly thrillers, you might find this first book in a series, enjoyable. If you like more literary reads, the lack of editing will drive you crazy.

NOTE: The dystopian thriller COLLAPSE is free this weekend (August 4 & 5) at Amazon!

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  1. Hmm, sounds like an interesting idea in theory... Although it's free so I might as well download it and give it a try.