Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary Approves F-bomb

Stratford Shakespeare Festival / Andrew Eccles photographer

After just witnessing the inestimable Christopher Plummer's A WORD OR TWO at Stratford last week, I find no joy in these words now officially to be included in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Plummer led the audience through the words contained in everything from the Bible to Shaw to Shakespeare to more contemporary poets that created his love of language.

The program introduction said "The purpose of A WORD OR TWO is simply to celebrate language which seems to be fast vanishing from our midst." Approval of the term F-bomb certainly supports that statement.

Other additions this year include “sexting,” “flexitarian,” “obesogenic,” “energy drink,” “life coach,” “man cave,” “brain cramp,” and “bucket list.” The Oprah-inspired “aha moment” made the cut, as did the Stephen King-popularized “earworm.” Read it and weep by clicking HERE.

To cheer yourself back up, read this wonderful interview with Christopher Plummer.

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