Thursday, September 13, 2012


Babylon Sisters: A Novel (West End #2)Babylon Sisters: A Novel by Pearl Cleage
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What will make me forever remember this book is the fact that the life of a friend was paralleling the plot of BABYLON SISTERS at the same time I was reading it. Oh, not in every small detail but in a fantastical enough way that I found it amazing.

Having given birth to her daughter Phoebe as an unmarried mother, Catherine Sanderson has nevertheless created a wonderful life for herself and her child. Phoebe is getting ready to go away to college and is pushing her mother to tell her about the father she never knew.

The results are funny, moving, and ultimately wonderful, as are those of my friend who discovered he had fathered a daughter 24 years ago.

This is literate chic lit. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Catherine Sanderson is patterned on the author. Either way you will want to make a new friend in reading the writings of Pearl Cleage.

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