Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saskatoon Library Recommendations Just for ME!

I like to hang out on Twitter and see what's going on and this past week some excitement was generated by the Saskatoon Public Library offering to make recommendations based on the last three books you'd read.

Goodreads informs me that I have 79 titles in my 'to read' list and that's BEFORE I add these!

The three books I sent them were: Louise Penny's The Beautiful Mystery; Lisa Scottoline's Look Again; and Linwood Barclay's Trust Your Eyes. That's two for Canada and one for the U.S.

Here're the impressive suggestions that were made.

Like Scottoline's strong female protagonist: 
  • Guilt by Degrees by Marcia Clark
  • Night Watch by Linda Fairstein
Like Barclay's suspense:
  • Until the Night by Giles Blunt
  • Love You More by Lisa Gardner
For Canadian settings with interesting characters:
  • Kaleidoscope by Gail Bowen
  • Follow Me Down by Marc Strange
I've read Gardner and Fairstein and heard of Blunt. Otherwise these are new new names to me. I give the Saskatoon Public Library staff an A+ and that's before I even start reading!

DISCLAIMER: I live in the U.S. and have never been to the Saskatoon Public Library. I LOVE libraries!

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  1. I just added your web page to my bookmarks. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!