Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Top Ten - Writers Pick Their Favorite Books

Author Elizabeth Flock posted about this wonderful site that asked her to list her top ten books. Here's what she wrote on Facebook:

"I am often asked about my favorite books, a frustrating question I LOVE because it challenges me and, depending on where my thoughts have been wandering, my answer always changes a little bit. But there are a few "absolutes" and J. Peder Zane has provided a safe place for them to reside. When you check out this fabulous site, you'll know why I was thrilled to be included."

What caught my attention was her reference to the few "absolutes".

So check out The Top Ten website, which is actually an expansion on the book of the same name, and then share your thoughts. You'll find lists by author names, lists submitted by readers, and a tally of repeated titles. What are your absolutes?

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