Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Declutter Books: Do you love it? Will you read it again?


Everyone who loves books has a slightly different relationship with them. Decluttering may be totally unacceptable to some while the rest of us cope with not having enough shelf space. We ask ourselves what to keep and what to discard and the best way to do that.

I just read an interesting article on my favorite decorating site Houzz written by Alison Hodgson and I want to share it HERE. She has some great ideas on how to manage your well-loved book collection. (Sorry. It looks like you have to sign in to the site to read the article.)


  1. I'm sorry, Ann, I couldn't find a link to the article.

  2. Apparently the article can only be seen once you sign in to the site. I tried adding the link and that's what happened.