Monday, July 15, 2013

Catching Up - The Blackhouse

The list of books I have read but not gotten around to reviewing has grown.

To clear out that backlog, I offer the following mini-review:

The Blackhouse is actually the first book in the Lewis Trilogy. It is dark and drear and absolutely compelling. The remote Isle of Lewis is still attached to the old ways including the hunting of the gugas.
Gannets - Gugas are the chicks
Book Two is The Lewis Man and reviewers on Amazon say it is even better than the first book. Book Three is The Chessmen. Neither title is available directly from Amazon, only third party sellers. They have been requested to be purchased for the Jackson District Library.

Fin Macleod escaped his childhood on this isolated island and now serves as a police detective in Edinburgh. When a brutal murder on the island has similarities to a crime Fin is investigating, he is ordered to return to the island and is plunged back into his unhappy past.

Author Peter May is well-known in the United Kingdom as an "acclaimed author and television dramatist".  His description of the bleak environment and the lives of the people is mesmerizing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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