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RUNNER (2014)

RunnerRunner by Patrick Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As usual I slipped this tempting thriller right to the top of my list and wasn't disappointed. Author Patrick Lee, who lives in Michigan, knows how to craft a graceful page turner. And although terrible things happen, he has a light enough descriptive touch to keep you reading.

Bottom Line: A clever, well-written thriller that will keep you on the roller coaster to the very end. Recommended.

Sam Dryden has a past in the special forces and experience with off-the-books black op work. After tragically losing his wife and child in an accident five years earlier, he retired and lives a quiet life in a small community on the California coast.

Going for a run on the boardwalk late one night, he collides with a terrified young girl, barefooted and running for her life from heavily armed men whose assignment is to kill her.

Unfortunately Rachel doesn't remember who she is or why she was being held prisoner. Can Sam get them both to safety? And what could an eleven year old girl know that would command such attention? It's complicated but suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride!

Taking off at a run this story manages to pick up speed at every turn. I absolutely loved the clever  solutions the author provided to seemingly unsolvable problems and situations. It's all great fun and, of course, you'll be rooting for our hero and his very unique young friend.

It might have assuaged my fears for Sam's future if I had noticed that the book is subtitled a Sam Dryden Novel.

Disclaimer: A copy of Runner was provided to me by Minotaur Books/Net Galley for review purposes.
Title: Runner: A Sam Dryden Novel (Book 1)
Author: Patrick Lee
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Minotaur Books
No. of Pages: 352 pages
Copyright: February 18, 2014
ISBN: 1250030730
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Source: NetGalley

Patrick Lee is the author of the three earlier novels featuring Travis Chase that comprise the Breach Series: The Breach, Ghost Country, and Deep Sky. He has also written several movie scripts, which were sold but never filmed, but Runner, his Bourne-like, fast-paced thriller should make it to the big screen some day soon.

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