Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions for 2014

Recently it has occurred to me that more isn't necessarily the goal I want to achieve in the coming year. Rather than reading more books, I hope to be more discerning and selective, to take more time savoring the writing, to not be in such a rush to move on especially when I discover something I find worthy. More depth. Less breadth.

A friend once referred to those of us who are older as 'time travelers'. I find this far more palatable and charming than traditional terms. So this year I want to explore going backwards, remembering how things were when I was younger. Simplifying my surroundings. Going outside more. Eating portions and foods that were part of my growing up years. Exploring old friendships and places knowing that they will have changed.

As I begin my journey backwards in time, I want to remember the things that were important to me once that have slipped away, become hazy, and perhaps forgotten. That includes books and movies I have loved and that shaped me in some way.

What are your resolutions? Do you even find any value in this end-of-the year soul searching?

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  1. I always make resolutions, but they tend to be enforcing habits I am always trying to improve such as eating less, exercising more, and reading more. This year I plan to listen to one audiobook a month. I might as well make better use of the two walks a day my spoiled puppy gets.