Sunday, March 23, 2014

In Good Company Book Club

Taken at our very first meeting November 2012!

A couple of years ago, my friend Laura and I discussed the idea of a book group. We got together, tossed some ideas around, and the In Good Company Book Club was born.

We remain small with usually 6-8 showing up for dinner at In Good Company, a local restaurant that puts up with our shenanigans and gave us permission to use their name! In some ways it's a women's night out, but we do talk about the books we read and some of those discussions are passionate.

Last Thursday everyone but me had read Katherine Boo's Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Book Club got cancelled several times this winter and I had moved on and read Donna Tartt's The Gold Finch instead. We all get to choose titles over a year and we don't berate anyone for not being prepared because usually we are. Besides the friendships, I have read more widely and been able to share books I love with others.

This morning, a friend shared a New York Times article (March 22, 2014) with me and I wanted to share with you. It's called Really? You're Not in a Book Club?

So are you in a book club? What is your book group reading? Are you interested in what other book groups chose to read? I would love to know your thoughts!

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