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Then and Always: A NovelThen and Always: A Novel by Dani Atkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Can I just say that I loved this book? At first Kate Atkinson's "Life After Life" popped into my head followed by several others that have dealt with similar material, but Dani Atkins debut, "Then and Always: A Novel", is unique in its own way. Initially the fact that this book was recommended to people who loved "One Day" and the movie "Sliding Doors" was what attracted me.

After a devastating accident at the age of eighteen, Rachel Wiltshire's life alters forever or so she thinks. Five years later Rachel is apprehensively returning to her home town for the wedding of her good friend Sara and suddenly finds herself living a very different life surrounded by people, some of whom she had thought gone forever.

One might assume that because the story is about a very young woman, its appeal might be limited. Absolutely not. 'Literate chic lit' that tells a good story with implied life lessons should attract many readers.

The book will be available after May 20, 2014. Get a copy and take it to the beach with you this summer!

Bottom Line: A story that grabs you from the beginning and delivers the only ending that makes sense.

Title: Then and Always: A Novel
Author: Dani Atkins
Genre: Romance, fiction
Publisher: Ballantine Books; First Edition edition
ISBN: 0804178526
No. of Pages: 320 pages
Copyright: May 20, 2014
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Source: NetGalley

DISCLOSURE: Invited by NetGalley to request and receive this title for an honest review.

Dani Atkins lives in rural Hertfordshire, England, with her husband and two children. This is her first novel. (Source: Amazon)

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