Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Current Kindle Reading List

Coming out of my reading slump, I have a long list of titles I have promised to read. These are Net Galley picks that reside on my Kindle.

LOVE LIES BLEEDING by Edmund Crispin (3/21/17) Originally published in 1948.
THE SHADOW LAND by Elizabeth Kostova (4/11/17)
ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE by Elizabeth Stout (4/25/17)
GRIEF COTTAGE by Gail Godwin (6/6/17)
WATCH ME DISAPPEAR by Janelle Brown (7/11/17)
GLASS HOUSES by Louise Penny (8/29/17)
THE STOLEN MARRIAGE by Diane Chamberlain (10/3/17)

I pledge to start at the beginning of this list and finally catch up. Did I mention there are other books waiting to be read? Real physical copies I have amassed, but I am taking small, hopefully manageable chunks. 

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