Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mystery Authors Not to be Forgotten

I subscribe to a quarterly publication called Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine. Editor George Easter began a list of his favorite mystery writers who have left us but should still be read. He asked readers to submit any additional suggestions to him at george@deadlypleasures.com. (I've starred the authors I have read.) Who would you add?

Here's the list if you are looking for some highly recommended mystery authors:

Reginald Hill
Donald E. Westlake
Ruth Rendell **
Ross Thomas
Dick Francis **
Barbara Seranella
John D. MacDonald
Robert Barnard
Stuart Pawson **
Colin Dexter **
Peter Dickinson
M.R.D. Meek
Stuart M. Kaminsky
Ellis Peters **
Kate Ross
Bill Crider
George C. Chesbro
Bruce Alexander
L.R. Wright **
R.D Wingfield
Eric Wright
Ed McBain
Elmore Leonard **
Virginia Lanier
Philip Kerr

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