Monday, June 4, 2012

#ArmchairBEA Introduction

So today Armchair BEA features introductions from participating bloggers. I have gotten that far in figuring out what I am supposed to be doing! If you don't know what I'm talking about you can visit the Armchair BEA website. This absolutely fabulous idea allows those of us who can't make it to New York to be part of the publishing industries premier event.

The first task is to answer some questions so here goes.

Retired from the world of libraries, I have been blogging for five years to keep in touch with the world of books. I write about random things that appeal to me that have any loosely defined connection to reading and books.

Retirement Reward
 I am (in no particular order) a mother, grandmother, actress, singer, director, reviewer, reader, blogger, genealogist, friend, and time traveler.

My Bunny

Michael Tucker's Living in a Foreign Language (pub. 7/07) is bookmarked and sitting by my favorite chair. I recently read his first novel After Annie (pub. 3/12) and wanted to read more of his writing.

What I'm Reading Now

Sitting down to dinner with Chief Inspector Gamache at the Bistro in Three Pines would be an incredible experience. If he wasn't available, his creator Louise Penny, would be a most acceptable stand-in.

Author Louise Penny
 Recently I have found it necessary to invoke the Nancy Pearl's Rule of 50 (She's such a doll!) and expect that will occur more frequently as I get older. The saying "So many books, so little time." becomes more and more true with age.


  1. Good Morning and welcome to Armchair BEA! It is a pleasure to meet you!

  2. A time traveler? I don't think anyone else has included that in their bio!

  3. Hi, its your Oz buddy, Libby!

    I just read the Law of 50...and since I am going to be 50 in 9 days(!) this was very timely.

    BTW, LOVE your action figure and accessories!

    I am enjoying meeting you!

  4. Hey there great post, i didnt know what questions i was reading answers too, i soon figured it out tought,
    Great post beautiful photos, you seam like a very busy person with all thse things you do,

    great getting to know you

    The Book Mystress, x

  5. I'm not familiar with the books you picked but loved you bio!

  6. Oh your "bunny" is adorable! I can't say I've read any of the books you mentioned, but they sound great!

    Hope you have a great Armchair BEA!

  7. Hi Ann! Sounds like we've been blogging the same amount of time. Funny how this world can be sometimes so small and so large. Your bunny is adorable! And I'd love to hear more about the time traveling. ;)

  8. Great answers! Love that picture of your grand daughter.

    Living in a Foreign Language sounds interesting. I spend a lot of my day reading and writing in English, my second language.

  9. I have a weekly freakout about how many great books I want to read, and how I will never ever get to read them all! I think I may need to invoke Nancy Pearl a bit more often myself . . .

  10. I love your blog--random is good, in my book--and am so glad that I was able to find it, thanks to Armchair BEA. Cheers!

  11. Your grandchild is ridiculously adorable!!!

    And I love that you travel time. What do I need to do to get in on this secret? :)

  12. Seriously adore your grandchild. So cute!

    Love Nancy Pearl's 50 page rule. Too many great boosks out there to worry about the ones you don't like, right? Just move on!

    Joy @ Book Lagniappe

  13. Hi Ann!

    Nice to virtually meet you! Thanks for posting on my blog, and I hope you enjoy Armchair BEA! P.S. Les Mis, Phantom and Cats are among my favourite musicals! (And all of the Rogers & Hammerstein)


  14. I like the Rule of 50. I need to invoke that with some of my audiobooks!

    Nice to meet a fellow time traveler. (I didn't mention that because I was afraid folks would think I was crazy. Heh.)

  15. Your granddaughter is so beautiful. I love the whole outfit and blankie.

  16. Pleasure to make your acquaintance Ann! Hope you enjoy ArmchairBEA!

  17. My BFF is taking courses to become a genealogist. She loves genealogy. :) I think it's fun to read her research.