Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gone Girl (2012)

My Christmas present this past year was a Kindle Fire, to which I have not entirely adapted. I've collected several books to read but still pick up 'real' books when the opportunity presents itself.

But then a couple of exciting things happened. I turned on my Kindle and it immediately downloaded Gillian Flynn's third novel, Gone Girl, which was just released on June 5th! Raves are popping up everywhere and the prediction is best seller lists in a week! On top of that, word is out that her 2009 title Dark Places will be a film. Guess I know what to read next!
Buzz Books 2012: Exclusive Pre-Publication Excerpts from Over 30 New Books
The other exciting thing I discovered was something called Buzz Books 2012. The blurb in this weeks Entertainment Weekly read:
This new free e-book offers something usually reserved for publishing insiders: previews of major titles months before they're released. Read excerpts from more than 30 fall books by big-name authors like Dennise Lehane, Junot Diaz, and Barbara Kingsolver.
You can find this online at for free! And I did! Scanning the introduction, which covered other titles likely to be in high demand, I jotted down what appealed to me to take a more careful look. It will be interesting to see if my reading habits will evolve as I pursue the elusive perfect 'read' during the second half of 2012!.

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  1. I love how you said you haven't entirely adapted to your e-reader yet. There are pieces of my Nook which will never replace a real book, but I enjoy having a 'beast' on it (such as Murakami's 1Q94, or something by Dickens or Tolstoy) and it's much lighter to hold. Righ now I'm 1/4 of the way through a biography of Deitrich Bonhoeffer with is 600+ pages, and I like holding it on a small squre with font I can enlarge! Plus, one does tend to run out of bookshelves...

    Good to know you liked this book so much, and that it just downloaded for free when you opened your Kindle. Double serendipity!